MOZ PRO SEO Rank Tracker Info & Review

MOZ PRO is a comprehensive suite of SEO tools that includes a Rank Tracker.

There are also tools for running a website audit and providing advice for webpage optimization, competitor analysis, keyword research, and backlink analysis.

This page only explores the Rank Tracker Tool from MOZ, however, when considering which rank tracker to use, remember that although MOZ can seem a lot more expensive than a dedicated rank tracker, it also provides several more SEO tools as part of the package.

Pricing & Limitations

Because it is designed to check the rankings of your own websites, you are limited in the number of domains that you can track. Each of your tracked domains is called a Campaign. The maximum number of domains you can track depends on the package you select.

There are also limitations for the number of keywords you can track, again dependent on your pricing plan.

All pricing plans update rankings on a weekly basis.

However, you can track up to three competitors per campaign, and up to four search engines per keyword.

By default, each search engine will track the national average for each keyword, however, you can add additional locations up to city/county/state level but this uses up your keyword credit.

This is made clearer in the table below:

Moz Plan Standard Medium Large Premium
Max. Campaigns 3 10 25 50
Max. Competitors
Per Campaign
3 3 3 3
Max. Domains Checked
Per Keyword/Campaign
4 4 4 4
Max. Keywords 300 1500 3000 4500
Max. Search Engines
Per Keyword
4 4 4 4
Max. SERP Checks 1200 6000 12000 18000
Price $99 $179 $299 $599
Table 1: Moz Pro Campaign, Keyword, Search Engine/Location Limitations per Pricing Plan


So, for example, with the Standard Plan, you can have up to 3 campaigns/domains.

Across these 3 domains/campaigns, you can track a maximum of 300 keywords.

And for every one of these keywords, the rank can be tracked for up to 4 search engines (e.g. Google US, Google Mobile US, Google UK, and Yahoo US).

That is a total of 1200 SERP checks per week (300 keywords X 4 search engines).

Additional keywords can be tracked at a further cost of $20 per 200 keywords (and again, each of these keywords can be tracked across up to 4 search engines).

In addition to tracking the rank of your specified keywords for your own domain within a campaign, MOZ will also track the rank of up to three other domains, which can help you to understand how you stack up against your competitors.

Search engines that can be tracked with MOZ PRO include, Google International (over 100 countries). Google Mobile (over 100 countries), Yahoo (around 40 countries), and Bing (around 60 countries).

MOZ PRO does not provide Google Local (Business Profile) rankings – for this you will need the separate product MOZ LOCAL. However, it will tell you if your website features in Google’s Map pack.

You can set custom labels for each of your keywords, which allows you to group them into organised units or categories – this can be useful for managing websites that track a lot of keywords.


The main reporting screen on the Moz Pro Rank Tracker is split into three sections, which can be filtered by date range and search engine.

Summary Cards

The first section provides a set of summary cards that give you an overview of how your ranked keywords are performing.

Moz Pro Rank Tracker Summary Cards

Here, you can see:

  • Search Visibility: Moz’s estimation of the percentage of clicks that your website receives across all tracked keywords
  • Rankings: The total number of tracked keywords where your website ranks in positions 1-3, 6-10, 11-20, 21-50, and 51+
  • Movement: How many SERP Positions your website has lost/gained
  • Featured Snippets: How many (if any) featured snippets your website appears in


The next section is a set of charts that can be used to help you visualise the performance of your tracked keywords over time.

Moz Pro Rank Tracker Chart

There are four tabs in this section:

  • Rankings: How your search visibility or rankings have changed over time
  • Engines: A line chart of how your search visibility has changed across all your selected search engines (one line per search engine)
  • Competition: A line chart of how your search visibility has changed in relation to your selected competitors (one line per competitor and one line for your own website)
  • Opportunities: A list of related keywords that Moz suggests adding to your tracked keywords

Moz also alerts you to any search engine algorithm updates during the selected time period.

Tracked Keyword Table

The final section is a table of all your tracked keywords, which can be filtered by text, location and label.

Moz Pro Rank Tracker List of Tracked Keywords

The information shown for each keyword includes:

  • Keyword: The keyword, itself
  • Location: Whether the keyword is tracked nationally (default), or a more granular state/country/city
  • Monthly Volume: Moz’s estimate of how many times that this keyword is searched for each month
  • Rank: Your website’s current rank for this keyword
  • Increase/Decrease: Whether your website has increased or decreased in SERPs position
  • URL: The URL of your website that is shown in the SERPs for this keyword
  • Optimize: Takes you to Moz’s Page Optimization Tool and provides suggestions about how you might improve your rankings (e.g. include a meta description)

From this section, you can also add and delete keywords and locations and manage custom labels.

The entirety of this page (all three sections) can be downloaded as a PDF report, however only the currently selected tab of the Chart section will be exported.

Additional Features

As well as the core tracking and reporting funtionality, Moz Pro also provides some additional features.

SERP Features Analysis

Moz Pro also includes a tool to analyze SERP Features, including:

  • Featured Snippet
  • Image Pack
  • In-depth Article
  • Local Pack
  • Local Teaser
  • Top Stories
  • Reviews
  • Site Links
  • Video
  • Google Ads (top and bottom)
  • Knowledge card
  • Knowledge panel
  • Related questions
  • Shopping
  • Tweet

As well as showing all the SERP features for your tracked keywords, it also shows which SERP features that your own website appears in.

Analyze a Keyword

The Keyword Analysis feature can be used to provide additional information about your tracked keywords. It will tell you:

  • Search Volume: Moz’s estimation of how many times the keyword is searched for each month
  • Keyword Difficulty: Moz’s estimation of how difficult it is to rank this keyword in the top 10 (first page) of search results (on a scale of 1-100)
  • Your Performance: A line chart of your website’s ranking history for this keyword
  • SERP Analysis: A list of the current Top 30 results in the SERPs for this keyword, along with a Page Optimization Score, and the Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) of each of the results

On-Demand Rank Checking

As well as scheduled rank tracking, MOZ PRO has an on-demand rank checker tool that allows you to check the SERPs for any keyword for any domain on-the-fly. You are limited to 200 checks daily and this information is not stored.


As a rank tracker, Moz Pro does the job well.

But, Moz Pro is more than just a rank tracker – it is a full suite of SEO tools.

This means that it is able to provide you with a lot of information about your tracked keywords, including monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, and SERP features. It is also able to offer suggestions about other related keywords that you may wish to track, as well as audit your website for errors and analyse competitors and backlinks.

However, this does mean that it can be more expensive than a dedicated rank tracker and have a steeper learning curve.

In addition, you can only track domains that you have set up as a campaign (and up to three competitors). And you can only have a limited number of campaigns (the maximum number varying between pricing plans).

Therefore, I would only recommend Moz Pro to people that are looking for more than just a rank tracker.

Other options for a rank tracker that is included as part of a larger suite of SEO tools include AHREFS, SERANKING, SEMRUSH, MANGOOLS, UBERSUGGEST, and SERPSTAT.

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