Editorial Guidelines

When I first developed NoodSEO, I wanted it to be based on values of honesty, integrity, and transparency.

I did not want it to be one of those affiliate websites that has obviously been designed primarily to sell and promote the products that have the highest affiliate commissions.

Being an Internet Marketer with over two decades of experience, these sorts of sites stick out like a sore thumb and I’m often dismayed that I am unable to find unbiased information that can help me to make an informed purchasing decision when deciding on which product to buy.

Too often, the top-rated products are the ones that the website owner can earn the most revenue from rather than the ones that provide the best features, service or value-for-money.

This results in a complete lack of trust in the information available online.

I didn’t want to fall into the same trap with NoodSEO, so I wrote the following editorial guidelines to ensure that the content on this website is impartial, objective, and of the highest quality.

  1. The prime objective of the website is to help users make informed buying decisions by providing helpful information
  2. The website will contain no paid advertisements
  3. The primary source of income for the website is from affiliate commissions
  4. Product reviews are to be written and published before we identify if there is an affiliate program available. This ensures that we do not treat products with an affiliate program more favourably than those without
  5. All affiliate links are to be marked with an asterix (*)
  6. An alternative non-affiliated link will be provided for every affiliate link to give user’s a choice – this alternative link will be provided on the same page (usually near the bottom)