NoodSEO was created in 2020 by Dan Dutton.

Mugshot of Daniel Dutton.
Hi, I’m Dan 🙂

Anyone reading this knows the score when it comes to search engine marketing so I won’t try to fool you with bullshit about altruistic reasons for creating this website. The primary aim of this website (as with almost all my websites) is to make me money.

I’ve been making websites for well over a decade and they provide me with a very handsome passive income, so I know a bit about SEO.

My business requires me to be knowledgeable about SEO tools and services, and I’ve often considered putting up a website that reviews and compares them. Many of them offer recurring lifetime commissions and it would be nice to get a piece of that pie but this particular niche is overcrowded and tough to break into.

But, I thought I’d give it a go.

Today is Halloween 2020 and I had an idea for a brand called Nood SEO. I think the word ‘nude‘ psychologically jumps out and gets noticed by a lot of people, particularly men. The domain name was available, so I bought it, set up the hosting, installed WordPress, made a half-decent layout and knocked up a quick logo with a raunchy female silhouette on it.

Of course, this is only the hook. I’ll have to have some substance behind my marketing so I’d better crack on with planning the structure and getting some awesome content written…