I originally made NoodSEO in 2020 to discuss SEO-related topics. Well, really to have a bit of a rant about all the misinformation and obfuscation that is rife within the industry.

It was around the time that Google inferred that Core Web Vitals (CWV) would be a ranking factor, and many people jumped on the bandwagon and made CWV seem like it was a big deal so that they could sell their services. There was also a fair bit of scaremongering.

So, I wrote a few posts, but didn’t really promote the site and got very few visitors (around 5 per day). And then, NoodSEO festered for a few years with very few updates whilst I worked on other projects.

Don’t trust the Internet

Fast-forward to Summer 2023, and I began to notice that every time I searched the Internet for information related to choosing a product to buy (laptops, SaaS, furniture etc.), almost all the results were designed to promote a particular product – usually the one that paid the highest affiliate commissions.

There was very little objectivity or impartiality – the majority of websites were primarily selling pages disguised as reviews. This happened so frequently that I developed a feeling constantly hearing sales patter and not being able to trust anything I read online.

It’s important to mention that I don’t blame Internet Marketers for doing this. I’ve done it myself, and still do to some extent – there’s a fuck-ton of money to be made from from promoting products and services online and my projects have provided me and my family with a good lifestyle and financial security.

A change of direction

But over the last 12-18 months, particularly with the massive strides that have been made with AI, I’ve been seeing more and more poor content that provides very little value.

And then I realised that I was part of the problem, too. I’ve published my fair share of low-quality content and contributed to the slurry of shit that has engulfed the Internet.

What’s more, if I look back across my website projects over the years, the ones that I am truly proud of are not always the ones that have made the most money, but the ones that have genuinely helped others.

And here’s the kicker – the websites that help people and that I am most proud of are still going strong today and providing me with bulk of my monthly profits, whilst the poorer quality projects have faded away after their initial short success.

This realisation was a revelation to me and forced me into changing my business direction and strategy. I vowed to only produce high-quality, helpful, and unique websites going forward.

The new NoodSEO

The all-new 2023 version of NoodSEO is designed to make it easier for website owners to find the right SEO software for their needs.

This is achieved by providing filterable comparison tables in each software category that can be used to objectively find the best product for the user’s individual needs. We also provide objective information about each product, and clearly-marked subjective reviews, along with useful supporting content. I also plan to write about my unique brand of SEO.

The difference between NoodSEO and other ‘review sites’ is that we have strict editorial guidelines and are transparent about how this site makes money.

Essentially, this means that if a particular product is the best in its category, we will say it is the best, regardless of whether we can earn money from it or not.

It also means (amongst other things) that all affiliate links are clearly marked (and an option for a non-affiliated link is also provided), we do not accept paid advertisements, and we only publish reviews of products that we have actually tested.


NoodSEO is still in its infancy.

I am currently working on the first category, Rank Trackers, which I estimate will take me a couple of months to build out completely. Then I will be looking at adding other categories.

I invite any and all feedback about this website. I love getting positive feedback, but I love constructive criticism even more because it helps me to improve myself and my websites. You can email me via dan@noodseo.com.

About me

Mugshot of Daniel Dutton.

My name is Dan Dutton.

I’ve been working in Internet Marketing for close to two decades.

I work for myself and have created and promoted several websites that have provided me with a decent income over the years. I only work on my own websites and cannot be hired to work for anyone else.

I have somewhat of an introverted personality and love the job I have created for myself where I have no boss, no clients, and no employees. I prefer to do everything myself from coding, to marketing, to content-writing.