How to get an SE Ranking discount without a coupon code

SE Ranking is a more affordable alternative to Ahrefs and Semrush and, personally, I think it is a fantastic suite of SEO tools (check out my review here).

If you’ve taken the free trial for a spin, like what you see and are interested in purchasing but are looking for a discount or coupon code, read on…

Where to find a coupon code

SE Ranking does not have any publically available coupon codes, so all these websites that say they have them are just trying to get an affiliate commission from you for nothing.

However, there is a way to get a 10% discount without using a promotional code. It actually utilises their Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for onboarding new clients.

Wait until the second week of your free trial

During the second week or towards the end of your free trial, contact support via email and say that the free trial is too limited and you want to know what your cheapest option is to test the full suite for one month before making a decision.

By doing this, you are indicating to them that:

  1. You are interested in their software
  2. You have money available and are willing to spend it on their tool

However, they do not want you to be on the cheapest option and they do not want you to be paying monthly (they prefer annual subscriptions).

At this point, they will offer you 1 week’s free trial of the Optimum Plan.

Wait for 5 days

If you are anything like me, after experiencing a full trial you will be wanting purchase SE Ranking there and then. But hold off a little…

After 5 days, you will get an email from SE Ranking asking you how you are finding the tool. Tell them that you really like it but are still not sure about purchasing. They will then offer you a 10% discount on an annual subscription.

Depending on which package you choose, this could be a significant reduction in cost.

Next steps…

SE Ranking will send you a personalised link to a payment page with your 10% discount already applied and all you have to do is make the purchase.

This process worked for me and a couple of my friends in the first quarter of 2021. Please let me know in the comments section below if this still works or if SE Ranking have changed their processes. Maybe there is a way of getting a bigger discount by holding off for longer?