How This Site is Financed

NoodSEO is a privately-owned website. The owner is Daniel Dutton.

All of the tools and information on are provided for free.

In addition, we have strict editorial guidelines to ensure that software manufacturers are unable to pay us to appear on the website or influence our reviews and ratings. This ensures that our website remains independent, honest and transparent and does not treat some products more favourably due to financial incentives.

However, it takes considerable resources to keep the website up-to-date, write new content, and develop the tools.

Therefore, we needed a way to finance the work that goes into the website without compromising our values of honesty and integrity.

Some of the products that we feature run affiliate programs from which we can earn commissions if visitors to our website click on a special affiliate link and then go on to make a purchase.

An affiliate link is, for the most part, no different from a normal link to a website, except that it is able to track any subsequent sales and ensure that we are paid any commissions that we earn. All affiliate links are marked with an asterix (*) and any page that contains an affiliate link also has a normal non-affiliated link (usually at the foot of the page) so that visitors have the choice of which link to click on.

Not all products that we feature have an affiliate program and we do not omit products or treat them less favourably simply because we cannot make money from them.

So, although we can and do earn revenue from affiliate links, this does not influence our editorial decisions.

For full transparency, there is one small exception to this rule: if we identify a hot product that we like and that has good rates of affiliate commissions, we are likely to publish more supporting content about that particular product. This ensures that we are able to target all keywords relating to the product and maximise visitors and revenue.