Nude SEO is now Nood SEO!

Nude SEO has rebranded as Nood SEO.

A rebranding is not ideal, but I recently discovered that many visitors to this website are being blocked by corporate firewalls and the Facebook browser because they consider the word ‘nude’ to be a bad word.

The Brand

I originally set up the Nude SEO brand because I wanted an outlet to share some of the ideas that have made it possible for me to gain time and financial freedom through the medium of websites.

I thought Nude SEO was a punchy, attention-grabbing name, especially if I incorporated a little tasteful nudity in the logo. Half the battle is getting people to read what I have to say – the other half is being able to inform and entertain the readers but the first step is to get them on the page.

My Mistake

This worked well until I started to a little Facebook advertising.

I started to get comments from people that were unable to open the website due to a 404: not found message.

After a little troubleshooting, the reason for this appeared to be the word ‘nude’ being filtered in certain systems.

Of course, I should have done more due diligence before choosing the domain name to avoid these issues. But we live and learn and it is certainly something I will consider next time I set up any websites that could be deemed as inappropriate.

Moving On

So, NudeSEO is now NoodSEO. Same word, same meaning, different spelling. And hopefully, it will get potential visitors through those pesky filters!

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