Advanced Web Ranking SEO Rank Tracker Review

Advanced Web Ranking is one of the longest-running SEO Rank Trackers on the market.

As a dedicated rank tracker, it is also one of the most feature-rich software solutions.


  • Costs from $99 (relatively expensive for a dedicated rank tracker)
  • Tracks from 7000 keywords
  • Tracks keyword positions in several search engines (inc. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, and Amazon)
  • Tracks keyword positions from several locations and in several languages
  • Tracks keyword positions from both desktop and mobile
  • Tracks keyword positions for organic, paid, local, maps, shopping, images, videos, news, and jobs SERPs
  • Tracks SERP features (e.g review snippets, knowledge panel etc.)
  • Update frequency is customizable (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly etc.)
  • Unlimited domains/projects
  • Provides search volume data
  • Provides competitor analysis data
  • Provides email alerts
  • Provides keyword grouping for easy organisation