On this page, I will be comparing the two SEO tool suites, SE RANKING and MOZ.

To make it a fair comparison, I will primarily be looking at the entry-level (least expensive) plans, however, I will also discuss the additional features that may be unlocked with higher-level plans.

Comparison Table

Entry-level price$15 p/m$99 p/m
Max no. of projects103
Rank Tracker
➥ Max tracked keywords250300
➥ Rank check frequencyWeeklyWeekly
Keyword Research Tool
➥ Keyword research limit5000 daily*5 daily
Competitor Research Tool
➥ Competitor research limit5000 daily*165 daily*
Backlink Checker
➥ Backlink check limit20 daily165 daily*
Website Audit Tool
➥ Website audit monthly limit4500 pages400,000 pages
GSC & Google Analytics Integration✅ (GA Only)
Social Media Monitoring & Posting
Max users11
Free trial✅ (credit card required)

A look at the differences

MOZ PRO does not have all the features of SE RANKING but does have some large limits on backlink checking and technical SEO audits – keyword research limits are lower though.

MOZ PRO is the home of the famous ‘domain authority’ (DA) and does have a pretty good database of backlinks that I believe is only rivalled by AHREFS.

MOZ PRO is a lot more expensive than SE RANKING.


MOZ PRO is perhaps the third most popular SEO tool suite after AHREFS and SEMRUSH, however, it is more beginner-focused and has a plethora of support resources and tutorials that can help the newbie learn the principles of SEO.

However, SE RANKING has the same primary functionalities and costs a fraction of the price.