On this page, I will be comparing the two SEO tool suites, SE RANKING and AHREFS.

To make it a fair comparison, I will primarily be looking at the entry-level (least expensive) plans, however, I will also discuss the additional features that may be unlocked with higher-level plans.

Comparison Table

Entry-level price$15 p/m$99 p/m
Max no. of projects105 non-verified
Unlimited verified
Rank Tracker
➥ Max tracked keywords250500
➥ Rank check frequencyWeeklyWeekly
Keyword Research Tool
➥ Keyword research limit5000 daily*25 daily
Competitor Research Tool
➥ Competitor research limit5000 daily*25 daily*
Backlink Checker
➥ Backlink check limit20 daily25 daily*
Website Audit Tool
➥ Website audit monthly limit4500 pages10,000 pages
GSC & Google Analytics Integration
Social Media Monitoring & Posting
Max users11
Free trial

* These limits are shared

A look at the differences

AHREFS is one of the market leaders in SEO tools and because of that, it is quite expensive to use. Granted, their database is one of the best in the industry but the data from SE RANKING compares favourably. Similarly, AHREFS gives you access to features and data that SE RANKING does not, but (for most people) these are things that they do not really need.

Search limits are much higher with SE RANKING, however, AHREFS does provide more keywords to track and pages to audit. If you want to trial AHREFS before buying, you currently have to pay a $7 access fee.


For the SEO professional, AHREFS is a must-have tool because of its deeper analysis options, however, this comes at a price. This additional functionality is something that is very niche, has a steep learning curve and (to be honest) most users do not need all these features. SE RANKING’s toolset does 90% of what people use SEO tools for in their day-to-day work and comes at a fraction of the cost.

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