SE Ranking FAQ

Here is a list of common questions about SE RANKING.

  • What is SE Ranking?

    SE Ranking is a powerful suite of SEO tools that includes:

    • A rank tracker
    • Keyword research tool
    • Competitor research tool
    • Backlink checker
    • Website audit tool
    • And more…

    More details about these features can be found in my SE Ranking Review.

  • Is SE RANKING Free?

    No, but you can sign up for a free 7-day trial here.

  • What is the price of SE RANKING?

    Depending on your needs, SE RANKING can cost between $15 and over $500 per month.

    A user with average needs will probably pay around $25-$30 per month.

  • Is SE RANKING Accurate?

    No, it is not 100% accurate but neither are any of the alternatives.

    There is no tool that will be completely accurate (not even SEMRUSH or AHREFS) so you have to take the data as a rough guide. Compared to the more expensive tools, SE RANKING provides comparable accuracy.

  • How do I use SE RANKING?

    A good starting point would be the tutorials I have written. There are also tutorials and guides on the SE RANKING website.

  • Is SE RANKING Any Good?

    I think so. In fact, I’ve migrated a lot of my SEO processes to it.

  • Do you have an affiliate link for SE RANKING?

    Yes, I do. Click here to use it. Much obliged 🙂

  • What is the cheapest SE RANKING plan?

    The cheapest plan is around $15 per month.

    With this plan, you can track up to 250 keywords across 10 websites. Rankings are checked weekly and you pay annually.

    If you want to pay monthly, check rankings daily or track more keywords then it will cost a little more.

  • What pricing plans are available for SE RANKING?

    There a three main pricing plans.

    The essential plan is for a single user and has basic limits.

    The pro plan increases these limits and allows up to 3 users. You can also white-label your dashboard and reports, monitor page changes and request expansions to their database (which is especially useful if you are in a niche market).

    The enterprise plan increases limits further and provides access to their API.

  • Which pricing plan do you recommend?

    This will depend on your individual needs.

    For a business or website owner who wants to do their own SEO, the essential plan should usually be sufficient.

    For those with more websites and that do regular research (e.g. a small SEO agency) the pro plan will usually be better.

    I’m in two minds about the enterprise plan because big SEO agencies that have the cash flow to afford hundreds of dollars a month on SEO software should really be using the leading tools like AHREFS or SEMRUSH. So, at present, I wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone, however that may change in future.

  • Which other software/websites can SE RANKING integrate with?

    SE RANKING can be connected to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, however, I personally do not use these features as I am very paranoid about sharing my traffic and search data with third parties. For example, I rank for a lot of keywords that SEO tools report as having zero search volume so I don’t want anybody else knowing what these are.

    SE RANKING also integrates with Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Google Data Studio, Zapier, Bitrix24, SEOTools for Excel and Reportz.