Why are Adsense Revenue & CPC much lower in 2023?

Since the turn of the year, I’ve seen a notable decline in the revenue of my Google Adsense websites (around 33%). I’ve done a fair bit of analysis to investigate the reasons for this and have published the results of my research below. Why is my Adsense revenue decreasing? Decreases in Adsense revenue can be … Read more

Clickio Review (Adsense Alternative)

Clickio logo

Clickio are an advertising platform that manages the ads on your website to squeeze more revenue out of your ad inventory. I’ve been using them for about a month and am very please with what they have done for me so far, so decided to write a review. How I discovered Clickio I discovered Clickio … Read more

How to change domain name without losing Google rankings

How to change domain name without losing Google rankings - NudeSEO.

The original domain name for this website was nudeseo.com. Due to certain systems not liking the word ‘nude’ and blocking potential visitors from the website, it became necessary for me to change to a new domain – noodseo.com. However, because Google treats individual domains as separate entities, I did not want to lose the authority … Read more

FIXED: Validation Failed in GSC Change of Address Tool

Validation Failed

I recently changed the domain name of this website from nudeseo.com to noodseo.com and ran into a problem with Google Search Console’s (GSC) change of address tool. About the change of address tool This tool can be found in GSC by clicking on settings on the left-hand side. It is used to inform Google that … Read more

Nude SEO is now Nood SEO!

Nude SEO has rebranded as Nood SEO. A rebranding is not ideal, but I recently discovered that many visitors to this website are being blocked by corporate firewalls and the Facebook browser because they consider the word ‘nude’ to be a bad word. The Brand I originally set up the Nude SEO brand because I … Read more

Surfer SEO Hobby Plan Review & Case Study

This is my full and honest review of Surfer SEO Hobby Plan. In addition, I’ll be running a test with the tool on three separate webpages on three different websites and publishing the results, so you can see what sort of impact the guidance provided by Surfer SEO could have on your own website. For … Read more